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Selective 2 | Group Exhibition

Bob Rob MedinaHamdy RedaHanafy MahmoudJehan SalehMoataz NasreldinMohamed AblaMohamed EltarawyMohamed TamanMohammad AbdElhadyNazli MadkourNeven NathanRanda FakhrySalah El-Meligy

Bob Rob Medina, Hamdy Reda, Hanafy Mahmoud, Jehan Saleh, Moataz Nasreldin, Mohamed Abla, Mohamed Eltarawy, Mohamed Taman, Mohammad AbdElhady, Nazli Madkour, Neven Nathan, Randa Fakhry, Salah El-Meligy

Exhibition runs from 4th. May – 30th. June 2018


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on May 18, 2018

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