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kamal El Feky


Kamal El Feky (b. 1984), in 2006 he received a Bachelor degree from the Faculty of Fine Arts, Sculpture Department , Helwan University. He participated in many exhibitions locally and internationally, such as but not limited to; Salon of Youth, 7th. Edition 2005 | Collective exhibition at El Ghoury dome 2010 | Exhibition at Prince Taz Palace 2011|Exhibition at Khan El Maghraby Gallery 2012 | Participation in Nord Art Exhibition, Germany 2013 as the only Egyptian representing his country|

He got several awards such as; Short residency prize at the Egyptian Academy in Rome, Salon of Youth 2012 | Dedication award from the Egyptian Ministry of Culture 2011, 2012 | Cairo Salon Prize 2013|

His artworks are part of a private collection of individuals in Egypt, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, France, and South Africa, also part of the private collection of CIB BANK in Egypt .                             

  • Kamal El Feky, Bicycle, 135 x100cm, Polyester and Iron
  • Kamal El Feky, Setting man, 60x 40 cm, Polyester
  • Kamal El Feky, Polyester
  • Kamal El Feky, Polyester
  • Kamal El Feky, Setting woman, 30×30 cm, Bronze
  • Kamal El Feky, 2
  • Kamal El Feky, After 5, 70x 50 cm, Bronze
  • Kamal El Feky
  • Kamal El Feky, Woman, 60×60 cm, Polyester
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