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Asmaa Magdi

Asmaa’s career as a painter started when she was an IGCSE student, studying “Art & Design” OL & Al, as her symbolic drawing about the river Nile was chosen during  a competition organized by the UNESCO to be published in the “AEO for youth” book, in 2005. In 2006, Asmaa won a prize in the “Creative awards” competition organized by the British Council. After High school graduation, Asmaa studied at the Faculty of Applied Arts, Helwan University and graduated in 2011. She started to participate in Art Competitions, during her academic studying.  In “Al Tala’a” Competition, organized by the Art Admirers’ committee runs, 49th , 50th ,51st , 52nd , &53rd , got the second place in the 51st run, year 2011  and won Fatma Refa’at Prize in the 52nd &53rd runs, years 2012& 2013 respectively.

Moreover, Asmaa got the 3rd place in “The Beginning” Competition organized by “Salama’s Gallery”. Also she participated in the “Saloon of youth” competition, runs 21st, 22nd, 23rd & the 24th organized by “Cairo Opera House”. She won an “Acquisition Prize” given by the CIB bank in the 22nd run, year 2011. & she shared with a drawing in the Salon of “Black & White” organized by El Gezira Art Center in El Zamalek.

Asmaa also exhibited some of her art works in “El Sawy Cultural Wheel” and in private galleries, “Salama’s Gallery” in El Mohandesin, “Doroob Gallery” in Garden City, “El Nadim” in The Fifth settlement, New Cairo, & “Easel & Camera – contemporary art Gallery”.

“Easel & Camera” Gallery represented Asmaa Magdi’s work in an Auction organized by the Rotary club during the 10th Anniversary of the Club at Cairo Marriott Hotel in 2012 and used some of her paintings to furnish “Fortywest mockup apartments” project by SODIC in 2013.

  • Gouache painting | 45X65cm | 3500 L.E
  • Gouache painting | 100X70 cm | 4500 L.E
  • Gouache painting | 35X50 cm | 2500 L.E
  • Gouache painting |100×70 cm | 5500 L.E
  • 13–Asmaa Magdi-gouache painting-100X70 cm-4500 L.E
  • Gouache painting | 32X47cm | 2200 L.E
  • Gouache painting |32X47cm | 2300 L.E
  • Gouache painting | 35X50 cm | 2300 L.E
  • Gouache painting | 35×50 cm | 2600 L.E
  • Gouache painting | 35X50 cm | 2500 L.E
  • Gouache painting | 35x50cm | 2600 L.E
  • Gouache painting |50X70 cm |3800 L.E
  • Gouache painting| 35×50 cm | 2500 L.E
  • 1-Gouache on paper,50×35 cm,2200 L.E
  • 2,Gouache on paper,35×25cm,1700 L.E
  • 3-Gouache on paper-35×25cm-1700 L.E
  • 4-Gouache on paper,30x21cm
  • 5-Gouache on paper,50×35 cm
  • 6-Gouache on paper,30x21cm
  • 7-Gouache on paper 30x14cm
  • 8-Gouache on paper-35×25cm-1700 L.E
  • 9-Gouache on paper,50×35cm
  • 10-Gouache on paper,30x21cm
  • 11-Gouache on paper21x29.7 cm
  • 12-Gouache and oil pasteL, 30×42 cm
  • 13-Gouache on paper, 30×42 cm
  • 14-Gouache on paper,35×25cm,1700 L.E
  • 15-Gouache on paper, 30×21 cm
  • 16-Gouache on paper, 30×21 cm
  • 17-Gouache on paper, 22×18 cm
  • 18-Gouache on paper, 18x30cm,
  • 19-Gouache on paper, 30×21 cm
  • 20-Gouache on paper,22x20cm
  • 21-Gouache on paper-18X12cm
  • 22-Oil pastel on paper-15x19cm
  • 23
  • 24-Gouache and oil pastel on paper-13×10
  • 25-Pencil on paper, 30×21.5 cm
  • 26-Pencil on paper, 30×25 cm
  • 27-Pencil on paper, 30×25 cm
  • 28-Pencil on paper, 21×29 cm
  • 29-pencil on paper, 14×8 CM
  • 30-Pencil on paper, 21×29 cm
  • 31-Pencil on paper, 21×29 cm
  • 32-pencil on paper,20x15cm
  • 33-pencil on paper-18x14cm
  • 34-pencil on paper,18×16 cm

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